Walking in Circles
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Synopsis of “Walking in Circles” – by film Director Ean Tays…

“Walking in Circles” is an amazing song that was written and performed by Victims of Tomorrow (V.O.T. ). The journey started back in July 2015 when Robert Anthony, the writer and performer of the song “Walking in Circles” contacted me about the idea of doing a video about a boy who seeing this girl from across the room feels this immediate attraction but because of life whether it be a crowd in the store or pulled away by friends or family are unable to talk to each other so this boy becomes torn as he strives to find this girl and tell her what she means to him.

For the video our characters are in this beautiful abandoned building where the boy being adventurous exploring this new location which I like to think of it being a metaphor for him looking inside of himself when he finds this girl and the building becomes a metaphor for the struggle that they have to go through to make a relationship lasting years or maybe just a spark that takes place in an instance work in such a way that in spite of the maze of life they’re able to find each other emotionally in that perfect place.



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